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  • Career | Apex Aviation

    Join APEX if you are interested in working for APEX, please refer to the 1111 Job Bank for more information

  • Aerial Tour | Apex Aviation

    ​Aerial Tour Choose from three flight routes and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Taitung at a low altitude from our flight! “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you”. Here at APEX, we offer you the opportunity to study the breathtaking landscape of Taitung, fall in love with it, and enjoy the non-stop surprises brought to you by our aerial tours! ​ Depending on the flight route you choose, you get to explore the majestic mountains, ancestral lands, vast fields, unique rock formations, towering cliffs, coral reefs, gushing springs, and the ocean from our plane at every turn. Enjoy your flight and ignite your sense of adventure through this exciting journey with us! Tecnam P2012 You will explore the stunning landscape of Taitung through our beautifully designed Tecnam P2012 aircraft, the latest twin-engine model made by the Italian aircraft manufacturer Tecnam. Certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States, the P2012 is renowned for its outstanding flight performance, so you will surely have a safe and sound trip with us. Explore the Famous Eastern Rift Valley of Taiwan through our Low-Altitude Flights. Peinan Site Liji Badlands Chulu Ranch Luye Highland Guanshan Waterfront Park Mr. Brown Avenue Eastern Rift Valley Line The Eastern Rift Valley is known as 'Taiwan's most beautiful backyard' and remains a popular destination for Taiwanese and foreign tourists. East Coast Line The Eastern Coastal Line consists of indigenous landscapes, the Central Mountain Range, and coastal views. Fun fact: did you know that the 'Black Current'(Kuroshio Current) flows through the East Coast of Taiwan? South-Link & Green Island Line The Green Island Line flies south and offers pristine landscapes and a trip to the secluded Green Island, which features a 360-degree panoramic view of this popular destination for Taiwanese tourists.

  • Skydiving | Apex Aviation

    Skydiving One of the goals that APEX has committed itself to is to promote high-altitude skydiving as a leisure activity in Taiwan. ​ In August 2022, Taiwan witnessed its first-ever privately organized high-altitude skydiving event, which took place at the majestic Luye Highlands in Taitung, marking a milestone in its tourism industry. Welcome to Taitung, where you can experience the beauty of our landscape while freefalling from thousands of feet above the ground! 2022 Skydiving Performance Video News

  • EMS | Apex Aviation

    E mergency M edical S ervice The Pioneer of Taiwan's EMS Given its rigid experience in conducting offshore EMS in the past, APEX proposed to provide emergency air medical transport services for residents living in the remote Kinmen islands of Taiwan several years ago. With dedication, we were officially approved to carry out our first EMS mission in January of 2023, transporting our first patient from the Kinmen Islands to the city for treatment. By then, we had carried numerous patients from Kinmen to Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung City, protecting the right to health of our Kinmen residents.

  • Flight Training | Apex Aviation

    Flight Training Spread Your Wings Visit Official Website Comprehensive & Professional Training Courses Basic Courses For beginners who wish to explore flying as a potential interest and examine their suitability for pursuing a pilot career: ​ Flight Grading (FG) Professional Pilot Training For students who wish to obtain flight licenses and ratings: ​ Private Pilot License (PPL) Instrument Rating (IR) Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Flight Instructor (FI) Advanced Training For pilots who wish to thrive in the aviation job market: courses: ​ Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) / Jet Orientation Course (JOC) Airline Training Partners ▪ China Airlines ▪ Mandarin Airlines ▪ Tigerair Taiwan ▪ Bamboo Airways ▪ STARLUX Airlines The Best Choice for Professional Flight Training Apex Flight Academy currently has an airline acceptance rate reaching 70%, making it the most preferred flight training institution in Taiwan. Expanding towards the International Market Our flight academy has been recruiting international students worldwide whilst practicing cross-national aviation training exchanges to improve Taiwan’s global visibility and build its reputation on talent development.

  • 安捷航空 Apex Aviation | 普通航空 | Taiwan

    The Pioneer of Taiwan's General Aviation Industry A strategic partner to Taiwan’s industrial, medical, tourist, and public sectors Allocating Aviation Resources Following Taiwan’s key national policies, APEX provides substantial training and management resources for medical transportation and national security purposes. We are committed to delivering professional, flexible, and cost-effective services. Nurturing Pilots from Home Besides supporting aviation enthusiasts in achieving their dreams of flying, APEX also offers airline-oriented training to nurture commercial pilots for the local and international flight industries. APEX is dedicated to enhancing Taiwan’s global visibility by strengthening connections with our partners overseas. Exploring New Markets As the pioneer of Taiwan’s general aviation industry, APEX pushes for innovation within the industry, forging connections with Taiwan’s educational, medical, tourist, and public sectors. 最新資訊 2024.05.03 想一圓飛行夢嗎? 中華大學攜手安捷培育航空人才▕ 中央社 2024.03.22 屏東推恆春空中遊覽半價優惠 不到一週百餘名額完售▕ 自由時報 2024.03.05 安捷航空進駐金門週年後送救護逾百人 守護鄉親健康▕ 工商時報 2024.01.06 星宇攜手安捷 在地強強聯手培育優秀MIT飛航人才▕ NOWnews Flight Training As the only flight school approved by the Civil Aeronautics Administration in Taiwan, APEX offers a range of flight training programs, from two-day flight experience camps to year-long courses assisting students in obtaining their flight licenses. Our diverse customer base includes government departments, airlines, public and private schools, and civilians. Emergency Medical Service As the pioneer in promoting emergency medical transportation in Taiwan, APEX serves as the primary provider of medical transportation on the Kinmen Islands. Additionally, we have partnered with multiple hospitals in Taiwan and its outlying islands, establishing a land-based transportation network of over 300 ambulances. Skydiving APEX is actively promoting aerial recreational activities in Taiwan. In collaboration with the Taitung County Government, we launched an unprecedented skydiving performance in August 2022. The journey doesn’t stop there, as APEX is determined to transform Taitung County into a unique aerial tourist hotspot. Aerial Tourism In addition to its official name, Taiwan is known as 'Formosa,' which means 'beautiful island.' Here at APEX, we offer unique air tours where our passengers can enjoy the island's beauty from a low altitude and immerse themselves in Taiwan’s rich history and culture.

  • Fleet | Apex Aviation

    FLEET APEX’s flight training department uses single-engine and twin-engine aircraft manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries, an Austrian aircraft manufacturer whose training aircraft have been highly regarded by airlines and flight training institutions worldwide. These high-end Diamond training aircraft are trusted by aviation professionals particularly due to their excellent safety records. We use the P2012 Traveller aircraft manufactured by the Italy-based aircraft manufacturer Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam in our general aviation business department. The P2012 Traveller aircraft is an advanced, newly developed aircraft manufactured internationally. This versatile aircraft is usually used for purposes of transportation, tourism, medical services, and cargo transportation. DA40 NG Dimensions Performance Propulsion and Avionics Length: 26'5'' Height: 6'6'' Wingspan: 38'2'' DA42 NG & VI Dimensions Performance Propulsion and Avionics Length: 28'1'' Height: 8'2'' Wingspan: 44'4'' Tecnam P2012 Traveller Dimensions Performance Propulsion and Avionics Length: 11.8m Height: 4.4m Wingspan: 14m Cabin Volume: 8.9 m3

  • Vision | Apex Aviation

    VISION Anchored in flight training, Apex Aviation has been nurturing aviation talents whilst expanding its footprint in the general aviation business. We have extended our services into areas of tourism, medical services, transportation, and national security interests such as military defense and energy. Altogether, APEX provides professional and ample aviation resources to meet the demands of both the public and private sectors. 01 Expand our footprint in aviation training and strengthen our connections with domestic and international airlines. 02 Broaden the extent of aerial tourism with a focus on promoting skydiving activities in Taiwan. 03 Widen the scope of air medical transportation services to ensure healthcare access in rural areas. 04 Optimize the usage of aviation resources. 05 Promote an air charter business with diverse transport options that add to the convenience of passengers.

  • Overview | Apex Aviation

    ABOUT APEX As the pioneer of Taiwan's general aviation industry, APEX has paved the way for civilian aviation training capabilities since its establishment in 2014 as the first CAA-approved flight school in Taiwan. This enhanced the development of the aerospace industry chain and served as a foundation for future business expansions. In April 2022, APEX renamed itself ‘Apex Aviation’ after receiving approval from the Ministry of Transportation to establish a general aviation business. APEX has a set goal to diversify the channels of domestic tourism in Taiwan, improve its tourism economy, and optimize the usage of its aviation resources. For instance, we have introduced state-of-the-art fixed-wing aircraft for aerial tours and stood at the forefront of promoting civilian skydiving activities. To protect our citizens’ right to health, APEX's air ambulances started operating in Kinmen in January 2023, providing medical transportation services to remote islands lacking medical resources. Another goal of APEX is to establish a foundation for independent aviation training capabilities in Taiwan. Therefore, we have been playing an active role in nurturing talents at home. A member of the Taiwan National Defense Industry Development Association(TW-DIDA), APEX has a strong potential to become a national strategic partner to Taiwan. The Taiwanese government has identified the aerospace industry as a key development project. The Taiwan Aerospace Corporation, a joint venture with the Taiwanese government led by our country’s National Development Fund, holds 23.03% of shares in our company. This reflects their recognition of our current capabilities. Altogether, APEX is dedicated to revitalizing Taiwan’s tourism economy, protecting our citizens’ right to health, helping with rural transportation, and protecting our national security interests in the future. ​ | 2013.05 Preparatory operation of Apex Flight Academy | 2014.09 Operation of Apex Flight Academy after receiving an operating permit | 2015.10 V Air - pilot training contract | 2015.11 Tigerair Taiwan - pilot training contract | 2018.03 China Airlines - pilot training contract ​ | 2018.06 The State Secretariat of Civil Aviation of Cambodia - approved as an overseas flight training organization(ATO) ​ | 2018.10 Mandarin Airlines - pilot training contract ​ | 2019.05 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University(ERAU) Asia - collaboration on degree and certification programs ​ | ​2019.06 Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam - approved as an overseas flight training organization(ATO) ​ | ​2019.12 Daily Air - pilot training contract ​ | ​2020.12 Our Vietnamese students officially started their flight license training in Taiwan ​ ​| 2021.11 Introduced dual-engine P2012 aircraft from Italy ​ | ​2022.04 Obtained General Aviation Industry License ​ | ​2022.04 Entered the tourist industry, providing aerial tour services ​ | 2022.08 Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation - received approval to launch the first civilian, high-altitude skydiving performance in Taiwan ​ | ​2022.08 Officially renamed as Apex Aviation Inc. ​ | ​2023.01 Ambulance aircraft stationed in Kinmen to provide airborne emergency medical transport services ​ | ​2023.04 Bamboo Airways - memorandum of cooperation in flight training ​

  • Press Releases | Apex Aviation

    Press Releases Dreaming of taking off and soaring in the sky, Hsing Wu University allies with Apex Aviation Commercial Times , 2022.11.25 Hsing Wu University held a strategic alliance and industry-academia cooperation signing ceremony with Apex Aviation yesterday morning. The ceremony was jointly signed by President Chen Yi-Wen and Chairman Kao Chien-Yu of Apex Aviation. Both parties will actively collaborate to establish elective courses in aviation flight, working together to cultivate outstanding talents in the aviation industry, enhance students' employability, and help students who aspire to soar in the sky achieve their dreams. Kinmen Emergency Medical Evacuation, Apex Aviation launches service Central News Agency, 2022.11.01 Kinmen Emergency Medical Evacuation Service is taken over by Apex Aviation. APEX announced today that they are fully committed to preparations and are expected to settle in Kinmen Airport by the end of the month and officially launch the service. They will provide round-the-clock, year-round immediate airborne referral services. Video/ Kinmen Medical Evacuation Special Aircraft Contract Awarded to Apex Aviation, No Service Gap United Daily News, 2022.10.22 The contract for Kinmen aerial medical evacuation and referral services, originally undertaken by Executive Aviation, expired in July this year. Many people were concerned about the possibility of a service gap. However, the Kinmen County Health Bureau announced that the bidding process for emergency medical evacuation and palliative care repatriation flights was completed on October 19. Over the next three years, Apex Aviation Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the service in Kinmen, with the possibility of an extension based on performance. During the transition between the old and new contracts, support will be provided by National Airborne Service Corps. From hot air balloons to aerial tours, "organic sightseeing" makes Taitung more and more fun Wind Media 2022.08.31 Ansett Airlines, with a background in aviation schools, has been cultivating in Taitung for many years and has rich aviation experience. With the strong support and assistance of the county government, Ansett launched the first national "Taitung Aerial Guide" in April this year and has successfully set sail! Gao Jianyou, chairman of Ansett Airlines, shared that the most feedback given by many passengers after experiencing the guided tour is: "It's so beautiful to see Taidong from the air!". Take over the hot air balloon carnival Taitung skydiving show debut Sanli News 2022.08.16 The Taitung Hot Air Balloon Carnival has come to an end, and the skydiving event will continue today to welcome the new airspace event. The show is expected to last until the 24th, with 3 performances per day. The Taitung International Hot Air Balloon Carnival came to an end yesterday after a splendid mapping concert. However, airspace activities continued, and skydiving was performed at the hot air balloon venue early this morning. Jump off the enterprise! Flying 13,000 feet high-altitude skydiving try jumping first-person view to strengthen the heart TVBS 2022.09.03 If you want to play skydiving, you can do it in Taiwan! In order to welcome the skydiving performance in August, at noon on the 25th, a trial jump was held for the first time in Beinan Heritage Park in Taitung. Under the leadership of professional foreign coaches, a perfect landing was performed. Well-prepared skydiving activities and personnel specifications are expected to be available to the general public in the future. The first year of skydiving in Taiwan Ansett Airlines "Skydiving" debut in Taitung ETtoday 2022.07.05 The high-altitude skydiving activity, which has become popular internationally, will officially debut in Taitung this month! The high-altitude skydiving series activities vigorously promoted by the Taitung County Government and fully responded by Ansett Airlines are expected to start next Saturday (16th) in conjunction with the grand launch of the "2022 Taiwan International Balloon Carnival". Through wonderful high-altitude skydiving performances, plus The very educational promotion of skydiving learning should make the public feel the shock and beauty of skydiving thoroughly, and kick off the normal development of high-altitude skydiving. Original URL: The first year of skydiving in Taiwan, Ansett Airlines "Skydiving" debut in Taitung | ETtoday Finance Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud Follow us: @ETtodaynet on Twitter | ETtoday on Facebook Air tour sets sail on three routes to see Taitung Liberty Times 2022.04.29 The county government and Ansett Airlines jointly held an air tour departure ceremony at Feng Nian Airport yesterday. Gao Jianyou, chairman of Anjie, pointed out that after the introduction of the new aircraft Tecnam P2012, he obtained the general aviation industry license from the Ministry of Communications in April this year, and cooperated with the Taitung County Government to focus on air tours, bringing passengers to the "air" and maintaining a 3,000-foot At a flying altitude of less than 100 feet, three fixed routes are launched for aerial navigation, and the flight time is about 40 to 45 minutes. Ansett Airways Approved to Operate Eastern Air Tours to Be Launched at the End of April Central News Agency 2022.04.22 This is your Team Member description. Use this space to write a brief description of this person's role and responsibilities, or add a short bio.

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