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飛航服務 領先全臺


Ansett expects to become a pioneer in the industry and create and innovate Taiwan's aviation industry. Since the establishment of the first aviation personnel training institution in the history of our country in 2014, it has successfully established unprecedented civil aviation training energy for Taiwan, which not only improves the overall development of the aerospace industry chain, but also serves as a foothold for expanding the layout of subsequent business development.  


Approved by the Ministry of Communications in April 2022, the company established a general aviation business body and changed its name to "Apex Aviation". In addition to introducing brand-new fixed-wing aircraft for air tours, it is also the first to promote the normalization of private high-altitude skydiving The activities are expected to enhance the diversity of domestic tourism in my country and optimize the development of tourism economy and resources. In January 2023, the company's ambulance aircraft officially stationed in Kinmen to start medical transportation services to help alleviate the problem of insufficient medical resources in outlying islands and remote villages, and strive to protect the health rights of the people.  


Starting from strengthening the local aviation education, strengthening the cultivation of talents in key industries, laying the foundation for my country's independent aviation training energy, and then making full use of the soft power of aviation training, it will gradually expand to revitalize the development of the characteristic tourism economy, protect the rights and interests of the disadvantaged, and even promote future development Transportation in remote areas and assisting the development of the Department of Homeland Security, etc., are committed to supplying and ensuring the needs of various security resources in the fields of industry, people's livelihood and defense, and acting as a national strategic partner.  


As a key development project of the National Development Fund of the Executive Yuan, the aerospace industry was transferred from Taixiang Aerospace to invest in the company, and the capital was increased twice in 2017 and 2020, with a shareholding ratio of 23.03%.  

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