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As the pioneer of Taiwan's general aviation industry, APEX has paved the way for civilian aviation training capabilities since its establishment in 2014 as the first CAA-approved flight school in Taiwan. This enhanced the development of the aerospace industry chain and served as a foundation for future business expansions.


In April 2022, APEX renamed itself ‘Apex Aviation’ after receiving approval from the Ministry of Transportation to establish a general aviation business. APEX has a set goal to diversify the channels of domestic tourism in Taiwan, improve its tourism economy, and optimize the usage of its aviation resources. For instance, we have introduced state-of-the-art fixed-wing aircraft for aerial tours and stood at the forefront of promoting civilian skydiving activities. To protect our citizens’ right to health, APEX's air ambulances started operating in Kinmen in January 2023, providing medical transportation services to remote islands lacking medical resources. Another goal of APEX is to establish a foundation for independent aviation training capabilities in Taiwan. Therefore, we have been playing an active role in nurturing talents at home.


A member of the Taiwan National Defense Industry Development Association(TW-DIDA), APEX has a strong potential to become a national strategic partner to Taiwan. The Taiwanese government has identified the aerospace industry as a key development project. The Taiwan Aerospace Corporation, a joint venture with the Taiwanese government led by our country’s National Development Fund, holds 23.03% of shares in our company. This reflects their recognition of our current capabilities. Altogether, APEX is dedicated to revitalizing Taiwan’s tourism economy, protecting our citizens’ right to health, helping with rural transportation, and protecting our national security interests in the future.

| 2013.05

Preparatory operation of Apex Flight Academy


| 2014.09

Operation of Apex Flight Academy after receiving an operating permit


| 2015.10

V Air - pilot training contract


| 2015.11

Tigerair Taiwan - pilot training contract


| 2018.03

China Airlines - pilot training contract

| 2018.06

The State Secretariat of Civil Aviation of Cambodia - approved as an overseas flight training organization(ATO)

| 2018.10

Mandarin Airlines - pilot training contract

| 2019.05

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University(ERAU) Asia - collaboration on degree and certification programs

| ​2019.06

Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam - approved as an overseas flight training organization(ATO)

| ​2019.12

Daily Air - pilot training contract

| ​2020.12

Our Vietnamese students officially started their flight license training in Taiwan

| 2021.11

Introduced dual-engine P2012 aircraft from Italy

| ​2022.04

Obtained General Aviation Industry License

| ​2022.04

Entered the tourist industry, providing aerial tour services

| 2022.08

Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation - received approval to launch the first civilian, high-altitude skydiving performance in Taiwan

| ​2022.08

Officially renamed as Apex Aviation Inc.

| ​2023.01

Ambulance aircraft stationed in Kinmen to provide airborne emergency medical transport services

| ​2023.04

Bamboo Airways - memorandum of cooperation in flight training

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