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Optimizing the Usage of Aviation Resources

Flight Training

Emergency Medical Services(EMS)

Aerial Tourism


Formerly known as Apex Flight Academy, APEX Aviation is founded on its comprehensive flight training services, which have nurtured numerous pilots for the flight industry. With its strong foundation in flight training and aircraft management capabilities, APEX has expanded into other sectors of aviation services where it strives to optimize the usage of aviation resources.


Currently, APEX Aviation operates within the industrial, medical, tourist, and public sectors. APEX offers comprehensive flight training programs designed to help our students to receive their flight licenses while addressing pilot shortages within the flight industry. We also provide Emergency Medical Services(EMS) that transport patients in critical conditions to their designated medical centers. Recognizing the underdeveloped status of aerial tourism in Taiwan, we offer flight tours, skydiving tryouts, and more such activities soon to address this gap. Last but not least, APEX provides flight services to meet government demands, creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

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