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APEX’s flight training department uses single-engine and twin-engine aircraft manufactured by Diamond Aircraft Industries, an Austrian aircraft manufacturer whose training aircraft have been highly regarded by airlines and flight training institutions worldwide. These high-end Diamond training aircraft are trusted by aviation professionals particularly due to their excellent safety records.


We use the P2012 Traveller aircraft manufactured by the Italy-based aircraft manufacturer Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam in our general aviation business department.


The P2012 Traveller aircraft is an advanced, newly developed aircraft manufactured internationally. This versatile aircraft is usually used for purposes of transportation, tourism, medical services, and cargo transportation.


  • Length: 26'5''

  • Height: 6'6''

  • Wingspan: 38'2''

DA42 NG & VI

  • Length: 28'1''

  • Height: 8'2''

  • Wingspan: 44'4''

Tecnam P2012 Traveller

  • Length: 11.8m

  • Height: 4.4m

  • Wingspan: 14m

  • Cabin Volume: 8.9 m3

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