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The Pioneer of Taiwan's General Aviation Industry
A strategic partner to Taiwan’s industrial, medical, tourist, and public sectors


Aviation Resources

Following Taiwan’s key national policies, APEX provides substantial training and management resources for medical transportation and national security purposes. We are committed to delivering professional, flexible, and cost-effective services.

Nurturing Pilots

from Home

Besides supporting aviation enthusiasts in achieving their dreams of flying, APEX also offers airline-oriented training to nurture commercial pilots for the local and international flight industries. APEX is dedicated to enhancing Taiwan’s global visibility by strengthening connections with our partners overseas.

Exploring New Markets

As the pioneer of Taiwan’s general aviation industry, APEX pushes for innovation within the industry, forging connections with Taiwan’s educational, medical, tourist, and public sectors.

Flight Training

As the only flight school approved by the Civil Aeronautics Administration in Taiwan, APEX offers a range of flight training programs, from two-day flight experience camps to year-long courses assisting students in obtaining their flight licenses. Our diverse customer base includes government departments, airlines, public and private schools, and civilians.

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Emergency Medical Service

As the pioneer in promoting emergency medical transportation in Taiwan, APEX serves as the primary provider of medical transportation on the Kinmen Islands. Additionally, we have partnered with multiple hospitals in Taiwan and its outlying islands, establishing a land-based transportation network of over 300 ambulances.


APEX is actively promoting aerial recreational activities in Taiwan. In collaboration with the Taitung County Government, we launched an unprecedented skydiving performance in August 2022. The journey doesn’t stop there, as APEX is determined to transform Taitung County into a unique aerial tourist hotspot.


Aerial Tourism

In addition to its official name, Taiwan is known as 'Formosa,' which means 'beautiful island.' Here at APEX, we offer unique air tours where our passengers can enjoy the island's beauty from a low altitude and immerse themselves in Taiwan’s rich history and culture.

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